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What are Wood Projects from Refugio del Rio Grande?

Wood projects from Refugio del Rio Grande are all wood projects hand made by refugees from other countries. The refugees are learning a trade to support themselves in their new country or at home. All projects are well made and of high quality materials and workmanship. Projects are available for purchase by donation through our mail order process or by phone. Orders take one to two weeks to process and mail. A price list follows this page. Presently there is one refugee and a staff member working in our wood shop. Large orders will be available as made - it may take more than a week or two if the order is very large. Please be patient -- we are. For more information, please call our office at 956-421-3226 or email at


Wood Projects from Refugio del Rio Grande
17891 Landrum Park Rd
San Benito, TX  78586
(956)-421-3226     FAX (956)-421-3423

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