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Interested   in   a   Work   Camp   Experience?

Refugio is able to offer three different kinds of work camp experiences:

DEDICATED WORK CAMP: The Dedicated Work Camp is a 5-7 day experience for the group which wants to come and work on and hopefully complete a project in a concentrated work environment. Groups will be invited and expected to work each day on the assigned project with evenings being free for rest and relaxation. In a planned seven day work camp, one day or part of one day will be set aside for rest or play in the area.

Work days begin at 8:00 A.M. and end at 5:00 P.M. with time out for lunch and scheduled breaks. There will be a site supervisor who will direct the work project. The project will be determined in time for the work group to bring the necessary tools, clothing and equipment for the work they will be assigned.

Participants will live, eat and work at Refugio del Rio Grande. It is expected that proper supervision will be provided for the group and that there will be one contact person who will make the appropriate arrangements with Refugio staff and will accompany the group.

EDUCATIONAL WORK CAMP: The Educational Work Camp is a 5-7 day combination experience which offers the opportunity for a group to come to Refugio to work within and learn about the political and economic realities of life in the Valley and beyond. One of two tracks for the educational aspect may be chosen. For those interested in refugees and immigration, speakers with expertise in immigration law, Latin American culture and politics, economics, and refugees will provide programs in the evenings. Field trips will offer the opportunity to explore the maquiladoras of Matamoros, Mexico and some of the realities of life in the Valley on both sides of the Rio Grande River. For groups interested in ecology and the environment, appropriate speakers and resources will be provided and field trips and projects in the wetlands and other areas of Refugio will be part of the program.

Work will be done daily on a particular project or projects in the camp with the hope that the project will be commpleted within the time period of the camp. Work begins every morning at 8:00 A.M. and would stop mid-afternoon, allowing time for participants to clean up and rest before the remainder of the day's program.

Participants will live, eat and work at Refugio del Rio Grande. It is expected that proper supervision will be provided for each group and that there will be one contact person who will work with Refugio staff in preparation for the camp and will accompany the group during the experience.

COMBINATION WORK CAMP: Refugio del Rio Grande is located in south Texas, not far from the Gulf coast and Mexico, which are very inviting for recreation and relaxation. There have been some groups who have been interested in staying at Refugio and playing on the coast.

Refugio is not set up to be a dormitory or "crash pad" for those who want to vacation in the Valley for free. We are, however, willing to work with groups who would be open to working for part of their stay at Refugio. A project would be chosen that can be accomplished in 3-4 days, so that the remaining time may be spent relaxing and touring the sights in the area. Persons who choose this option must be willing to abide by the rules and schedule of the camp.

Work will begin each day at 8:00 A.M. and will continue until 5:00 in the afternoon with appropriate breaks and the noon meal. If work is not scheduled for a particular day, expectations around schedules will remain the same and persons are expected to leave the camp to enjoy local sights and attractions. Because of the nature of the work and life at Refugio, non-work days must be spent off grounds with the group leaving immediately after breakfast. An understanding of and respect for the rules, policies and guidelines of Refugio and its philosophy are expected from members of groups who choose this option.

It is expected that all groups will be properly supervised and that there will be one contact person who will be responsible for arrangements with Refugio staff and who will accompany the group.

OTHER OPTIONS: Refugio is also willing to work with groups and individuals to schedule one day or weekend work camp experiences, based on the interests of the requesting group and work available at Refugio. This option is not available for the Combination Work Camp experience.

Groups interested in coming to Refugio for an environmental education day or part of a day are welcome as well. Groups will be scheduled according to the needs of the group and availability of staff and volunteers at Refugio.

Refugio staff and volunteers are also available to come to speak to groups about issues of immigration, refugees and other pertinent topics.

Please call the office for further details on any of the OTHER OPTIONS.

CONTACT: Pio Celestino
Refugio del Rio Grande
17891 Landrum Park Rd
San Benito, TX 78586
United States
FAX (956)421-3423


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