How Can I Forget...
Carlos H.
How can I forget my experience at REFUGIO DEL RIO GRANDE! How can I forget the emotion I felt when I saw its open doors, and my nerves began to relax when I took my first steps in this territory that began to be mine! How can I forget the communion with nature, the fresh air, playing with the geese, the horses, the cows, the ducks, roosters and chickens.

How to erase from my thoughts the slither of the multi-colored snakes in the forest where I learned to share with them this place -- our Earth! How can I forget the songs of the guinee hens, the chachalacas, the seagulls, the guteral sound of the frogs in the darkness of the night, the flight of the ciguenas and many, many other birds.

I wish to keep in my soul the memories of the moments when I would go happily to The Pond to meditate, to feel comfortable under the shadow of the trees. How can I forget REFUGIO, nest of memories of those who have gone and contributed to give us life with their smiles, their sadness, their tears. All of them were in search of happiness, all of them walk on revolutionary paths. How can I forget the tents, the water irrigating the vegetables and then filling the Big Pond. Who can be indifferent to the storage room for the food and other materials, to the kitchen where we sweat immensely, cooking our daily meals: the beans and rice we shared with our "compañeros," our friends.

How can I complain, if when I found REFUGIO I found a school that taught me how to love more my wife, my daughter, Ixmucane, my country (this wide and beautiful continent), humanity, God. The God of justice not the invented one. REFUGIO is not a simple place where to find food to eat and a place where to sleep, and pass the time. Here I was governed by my friends, whom I respected, who respected me. Here we did what we did with consideration, affection, love. Together we tried to create a model society with dignity for all. How to forget the mosaic of the Central American values at REFUGIO. We ended racism, social differences, and the stupid human prejudices.

I always wanted to write this: in REFUGIO DEL RIO GRANDE there is life. Good life. Life of love and peace.

Then, why forget,
if remembering, I am happy.
I hope I would come back.
One day, I will!
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